STW Roundup: Months 18 and 19

Blue Sky in Wellington New Zealand

September means we have been travelling for over a year and a half in total! How time flies when you’re having fun. September also means that winter is over in New Zealand (technically). Winter in Wellington seemed to last about three weeks – we had some really cold days with more wind and […]

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A Guide to Golden Bay: What to See and Do

Farewell Spit, New Zealand

With all this rain in Wellington, I find myself dreaming of summer in Golden Bay at Christmas time last year. That statement in itself is strange to write: I haven’t yet got used to winter being in the middle of the year and summer being over Christmas – it just doesn’t feel right! Winter […]

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A quick trip to Gibraltar


In late June I flew to Spain to visit my sister for a few days. She’s currently living in La Línea de la Concepción, a small town right at the bottom of the country, just across the border from the British territory of Gibraltar. Becka is working as a conversation […]

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