25 before I’m 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years

7th June 2017

The time has come. I can no longer tick the “18-24” box. I’m a quarter of a century old!

On Monday I turned 25 and as always on birthdays and Christmases, I spent a bit of time “reflecting”. For some reason these dates always make me think about where I’m at in life and where I want to be. Am I the only one who does this? I believe that the only person you should ever compete with is yourself, so I have begun using these dates as milestones for what I want to achieve by when. I’m far from having a Life Plan but I think it’s good to set yourself achievable goals to make sure you do the things you really want to do.

So I thought I would write a slightly different post to mark the occasion. Here’s my wishlist of things I want to do before I reach the next (scary!) milestone!

25 before I'm 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years - spinthewindrose.com

25 before I’m 30 – My wishlist for the next 5 years

1) Live abroad for an extended period (again).

I love living in new places as you really get to experience the true culture of a country. This could be ticked off my list very soon, but I won’t announce anything until it’s all set in stone!

2) Spend some more time in Italy and/or France (again).

I loved living in France and Italy on my year abroad at university and shouldn’t let my French and Italian go to waste! On my recent road trip around the Riviera I realised I love being in both of these countries and I really want to spend some more time in them again. More than just a holiday, but not moving there permanently (I still have nightmares about French bureaucracy…)

3) Travel to a whole heap of new places.

My Wander-List is seemingly never-ending but that’s the way it should be. There’s so much of this wonderful planet to explore and I need to see as much of it as I can while I’m able to. Myanmar, the Philippines, Morocco, South Africa, Yosemite National Park, Canada, Central America, South America… the list goes on…

4) Visit every continent.

Note that “every continent” is not referring to Antarctica – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a trip there! Technically I actually only have two left continents left to visit: South America and Africa, though I don’t think my three-day trip to New York City can really count for the whole of North America!

5) Explore five new places in the UK.

This one should be do-able since I’m going to be around here for the next few months! I haven’t seen anywhere near enough of my home country (and my geography of it is absolutely dreadful) so this is one I’m exciting to get started on! In fact, I ticked one of these off this weekend with a trip to the Peak District!

25 before I'm 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years - spinthewindrose.com

Peak District views

6) Go on another epic road trip.

Exploring New Zealand by campervan was so much fun and I’d love to do it again in Canada, the US or Europe. Or all of them!

7) Live in a van again.

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get waking up in a new place every morning, but I actually really love living amongst the nature, being disconnected from the “real world” and only venturing into civilisation for petrol and grocery shopping.

8) Volunteer.

This is something I have wanted to do for ages but I want to make sure I choose an ethical organisation to do it with. If you have any suggestions, please let me know; I’m open to anything, anywhere!

9) Do a 5+ day trek

I’ve done a four-day trek before (in fact I’ve done two!) but this time, I want to take ALL of my gear with me – my tent, cooking stove etc. There’s something so invigorating about carrying everything you need on your back!

10) Do some sort of outdoors survival course.

I would love to know that if I was lost in the wild, I’d be able to look after myself. This will come in handy on my 5 day trek.

25 before I'm 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years - spinthewindrose.com

Camping in our van in Purakaunui Bay, New Zealand

11) Go to another music festival.

I’ve been to a few and absolutely love them, but the last one I went to was Glastonbury in 2014. I need to go to another!

 12) Run 5k without stopping.

Fitness doesn’t take up a huge part of this list because I’m generally quite fit and healthy and do a lot of walking at the weekends. However, I would like to start running regularly again. I used to be able to run 5km without stopping so I’m certain I’ll be able to do it again. And, once I’ve achieved it…

13) Run 5k in less than 30 mins.

I think the quickest I’ve done it is about 32 mins, so this should be a realistic goal!

14) Go skiing again.

The last time I went skiing was when I lived in France in 2013. I’d love to do it again as it’s so much fun!!

15) Learn basic Spanish.

This will come in handy for the aforementioned Central/South America trips, and since learning French and Italian I’ve always wanted to add Spanish to the list.

25 before I'm 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years - spinthewindrose.com

Glastonbury 2014: so much fun!

16) Keep running and improving this blog.

I doubt I’ll ever think of giving it up, but if ever I do, I’ll remind myself that I love being able to help my readers as well as being able to look back on my travels.

17) Start earning a consistent, stable income from Spin the Windrose and my writing

Thus far, I haven’t actually had a single penny paid into my bank account as a result of running this blog. I have accounts with my affiliate programmes and advertising, but you have to reach the threshold before you can withdraw my earnings… and I’m a little way off yet! I have already worked in return for services (sponsored content) and have recently began offering travel consulting (which I charge for), but I’d like to make a consistent income from my actual blog too. See my Work With Me page if you want to help me reach my goal!

18) Branch into video.

I want to create videos to go alongside this blog, which I’ll publish on Youtube and Facebook. I’ve had my GoPro for nearly a year now and have taken snippets of films in may places but not yet had the courage to share the footage! I’m worried about how I’ll come across on camera, plus, I feel like an absolute d*ck talking to my camera when I’m out and about! So I need to get over this fear as well. Oh, and I also need to figure out how to edit videos!

19) Pitch my writing to major journalism websites

This is something I’m so nervous about doing, but if they actually said yes it would be so amazing! I’ve already had my work published/mentioned on other blogs, such as Wanderlove, TikiTouringKiwi  and ThriftyTrails, but I would love to be featured on some bigger travel websites too!

20) Establish long-term clients to work for online.

I would like to be able to teach English online and do some freelance work: writing, editing, travel consulting etc. Eventually I’d love to be able to work remotely full-time, but we’ll see how that one goes…

25 before I'm 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years - spinthewindrose.com

Werk werk werk

21) Find something that brings me peace – and practice it everyday.

Having rituals or habits that enact on a daily basis are a really good way of keeping you sane when you deal with big life changes like travelling or moving to a new country. Some people swear that a simple gesture – like making the bed no matter where you sleep, or drinking the same thing before bed every night – are tiny actions that can have a very positive effect on your wellbeing in times of disruption. I want to find something I love doing, that makes me feel relaxed and at ease, and get into a habit of doing it everyday. Perhaps this might be yoga, meditation or some form of artwork or reading.

22) Start saving.

Stage 1 of being a proper adult: Properly saving! Not just saving money to fund my next trip, but making regular payments into an account that I WILL NOT touch until I decide to spend it on something really important like a house. Some girls have trouble resisting the urge to buy a new pair of shoes or a handbag… for me, it’s flights!

23) Stay debt-free.

Besides my student debt, I don’t have any debt at all, as I only ever buy what I can afford at the time. All my travels have been self-funded and although I have a credit card, I only use it for its benefits and insurance. I don’t ever want to be lumbered with personal loans or car repayments or anything I can’t pay off outright. However, I guess my eventual mortgage repayments will count for a debt of sorts, so perhaps I should rename this one “Stay debt-free (apart from mortgage and student loan repayments)”.

24) Buy a house.

I guess this is Stage 2 of Adulting. James and I have already started talking about owning our own home and have loads of ideas of what we would like it to look like, where it would be situated, etc (I even have a secret Pinterest board full of inspiration!) But we have no idea where we’ll buy one, be it in the UK or overseas, and will most likely buy-to-rent to begin with, seeing as we can’t stay in one place for very long!

25) Get engaged… if he asks…!

Warning: Soppy lovey-dovey alert! This is definitely Proper Adulting. James and I been together for over 3 and a half years now, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. Perhaps we won’t be married before 30 or even engaged, and if not then I’m fine with that, as I am loving every minute of my adventure with him. [Did I really just write that, for the whole Internet to see? Oh well!]

25 before I'm 30: My wishlist for the next 5 years - spinthewindrose.com

 Do you have a wishlist of things you want to do before you reach a certain milestone in your life?

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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