5 must-visits for vegans in Tallinn, Estonia

18th April 2018

“Tallinn is a feast for vegans”.

Whenever I read something like that online, I think, “oh great, so there will probably be like three restaurants tops”.

I’m always skeptical when visiting new countries as a vegan, because what the locals understand to be vegan varies so differently depending on where you go. Like the time in Spain I was offered fish soup, because it contained vegetables. Or the time in India that a restaurant sign said ‘vegan options available’, and it was literally one measly sandwich with vegetables inside.

Luckily veganism seems to be on the rise in Eastern Europe and it’s becoming much easier to find good places to eat. Prague was fantastic, as were Warsaw and Riga, and thankfully Tallinn added a new competitor to the market. Be sure to read my post about Tallinn to see how to spend your time there!

For breakfast, we enjoyed a great vegan selection at our hotel, Hotel Bern. Most of the places mentioned below also offered breakfast and brunch options – and these are some of our favourite finds as vegans in Tallinn, Estonia.

vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com

Vegan Inspiratioon

This restaurant is probably the one I would recommend to you most when visiting Tallinn as a vegan as there is just so much choice! You could eat here for a week without getting bored!

Whilst it doesn’t have a breakfast menu, there’s a choice of raw cakes for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Appetisers include soups, veggie bowls and salads, whilst main courses will leave you pondering over what to pick. The staple falafel wraps and spicy bean burgers are on the menu, alongside more exotic dishes like quinoa with chickpea tofu steak, veggie pizza and lasagne, as well as soba ramen with seaweed and coconut milk.

This is a true vegan restaurant that hasn’t scrimped on its selection of ingredients; coconut milk, vegan cheese, cashew sauce and tofu ‘egg’ salad all appear on the menu. It’s simply a must-visit in Tallinn.

Website: http://veganinspiratsioon.ee/en/ 

Address: Pagari 1/Lai 44, Tallinn

vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com

vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com

Aed Restaurant

This restaurant is a pleasure simply to look at, with seating areas in different sections of the building. Its rustic, vintage feel with low lighting and great food makes a lovely atmosphere. Here, you can choose your dish based on the main ingredient, for example ‘the Onion’ or ‘the Potato’, which can either be served vegan or with a choice of meat if you wish.

I chose the Mushroom which came with parsnips and a delicious apple sauce (apologies on the dreadful quality of the photo!) Note: You don’t actually get served a simple onion on your plate, each dish is exquisitely created with the finest ingredients and the most delicious flavours.

Website: http://www.vonkrahl.ee/en/von-krahli-aed/ 

Address: Rataskaevu 8, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia

vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com


Kovik Kohmeet

Situated atop the Solaris shopping centre, this cafe offers a pleasant view of the city and has an open, airy feel to it. There’s a good menu for lunch with vegan main dishes and salad options, but only vegetarian options the breakfast menu unfortunately. We got the two vegan cheesecakes on the menu with coffees – a perfect afternoon stop.

Website: https://www.kohvikkomeet.ee/ (only in Estonian)

Address: Solaris Shopping Center, Estonia pst 9, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia

vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com

Karu Talu (Bear Farm) Chocolate Shop

The indulgent smell of chocolate will lure you into this shop, located just off the Old Town Square. This is the place to go if you need an afternoon pick-me-up (or if you’re just a chocoholic, like me). It’s owned by the kindest lady who will let you sample her delicious chocolates in pretty much every flavour you can think of! We opted for the apple & cinnamon and salted caramel. Rich, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth perfection; they are DELICIOUS! You can choose to take them away or enjoy them in the café with a hot drink.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/karutalu.chocolate/ 

Address: Voorimehe 4, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com


A unit located in the Balti Jaam market, this café specialises in raw food, with lunch options on the menu as well as small eats like paninis and soups. We enjoyed their cakes and the coffee was great here too. This is a good stop when you visit Telliskivi.

Website: http://www.toormoor.ee/en/


vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com

Have you visited Tallinn? Can you recommend any great vegan restaurants or places to eat?

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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Eating vegan in Tallinn, Estonia - spinthewindrose.com

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