Hi, I’m Abbi.

Welcome to my blog! I’m not sure how you found me but I hope you enjoy your time here.

You probably already guessed I love to travel. Is it that obvious?

I’m from a city in England called Peterborough – don’t worry, no one else has heard of it either. When I was younger, we went on family holidays to France, Spain and Greece, but it was when we went to Rome that I decided I wanted to learn Italian and move to Italy.

A few years later I started my degree in French and Italian, where I got to spend my third year abroad in France and Italy. I loved it, and I knew I wanted to travel further. After a few too many pizzas and glasses of wine, I was set on finishing my studies, saving some money and embarking on an adventure.

I started what was meant to be a six-month trip to Southeast Asia in January 2015 – and two years later I have no intention of stopping travelling any time soon.

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About Spin the Windrose

I started Spin the Windrose shortly after graduating in August 2014. I wanted something concrete to prove I was definitely going to travel. The blog was mostly just a place to share my experiences abroad with friends and family. Then people I didn’t know started reading my blog and thanked me for recounting my stories – particularly when I moved to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa.

I started out with the goal of inspiring people to travel – to get out there and see the beautiful world we live in. Everything was about how cheap I could do it and how long for.

Since then, my goal has changed a little. Whilst I still travel on a budget for extensive periods of time, I now try to explore responsible and sustainable travel options, which leave as little impact on the environment as possible. After all, if we want to see the beauty of the world, we should try to protect it, right?

As well as travel, I often talk about hiking, vegan food, and general musings. Occasionally I’ll rant about something or get pretty deep, but most of the time I share tips and inspiration to help you travel affordably, responsibly, and extensively.

Where did the name, ‘Spin the Windrose’ come from?

It took a long time to come up with ‘Spin the Windrose’!

After exhausting all variations of travel/ nomad/ wandering/ adventure-style names, I somehow stumbled upon the word ‘windrose’. It’s technically two words but I think it looks better as one.

A windrose is another name for a compass. This word just seemed to fit: my middle name is Rose and for some reason, the word ‘windrose’ reminded me of my favourite childhood film, Pocahontas! The ‘Spin the’ part followed on quite easily; I wanted to imply the feeling of freedom to be able to go anywhere you wish; you can simply spin the windrose.

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing