Where we’ve been

James and I have done a whole heap of travelling independently, but since I started this blog for the purpose of recording our travels, I’ll start with our journey together. After graduating from uni in July 2014, we saved up about £5000 each over the next five months, and set off on our adventure in January 2015.


January – February 2015

First stop was India. Beautiful, crazy, attack-on-your-senses India. After getting scammed as soon as we stepped off the plane, we visited New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Rhanthambhore, then took a train to Shimla, a bus to Amritsar, and 50+ hour train to Goa, AKA Paradise on Earth. We LOVED it.

Southeast Asia

February – March 2015

We flew from New Delhi to Bangkok, and crossed the Poipet border into Cambodia where we visited the Angkor temples, Battambang and Phnom Penh. But then our trip was cut short. We were robbed, our passports were stolen, and we decided to fly home to the UK.

New Zealand

April 2015 – December 2016

We were only in the UK for around 5 weeks before we were off on the next adventure. We flew to New Zealand on Working Holiday Visas, where we saved over $5,000 in Auckland in 4 months. We then bought a campervan and travelled the whole country for four months on less than $40 a day. Then, we settled in Wellington, where we decided to settle for 10 months because – put simply – we fell in love with it.

What’s next?

After spending Christmas and New Year in England with our friends and families, a very loose plan of what we’ll be getting up to this year is as follows…

  • January: Short trips in Europe (separate travels with friends/ family)
  • February – June: Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia (depending on funds)
  • June – December: Australia (depending on job opportunities)
  • 2018: Canada

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