Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers: What to take

26th February 2018
Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers -

Before my recent trip to Morocco, I spent hours searching online for what I should take with me – specifically, what clothes to wear as a female traveller. Men can get away with wearing pretty much anything, but should avoid wearing vests and shorts if you are heading into religious places. For women it’s a little more tricky.

Most packing lists I found online included items you should take with you on a summer trip, but I was travelling in January, because a) cheaper flights, b) accommodation, and c) less pesky tourists in your photos. Researching the temperature on the Weather App before I left, I assumed 20 degree temperatures would be the norm, so took one pair of jeans and a jumper as well as lots of t-shirts. OH GOSH WHAT A MISTAKE. I was bloody freezing, and lived in the same jeans-jumper-converse combo the whole ten days I was there.

Here’s my packing list for females travelling to Morocco in Winter – so you can pack efficiently and not be too cold!

Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers -




Luggage and bags




Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers -

Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers -

FAQs for women travelling to Morocco

As a woman, I was particularly concerned about wearing the right thing after reading online that wearing tight-fitting or ‘Western’ clothing might attract too much negative attention. Here are some quick answers to questions that might be on your mind.

Isn’t it hot in Morocco all the time?

Ohhh how I wish it was! If the sun is shining, the temperature is significantly warmer, however the evenings in Morocco are generally quite cool and places like Chefchaouen, Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains can get very chilly, especially in winter!

Can I wear spaghetti-strap tops and shorts or skirts?

Generally, you should keep your shoulders and knees covered out of respect for the predominantly Muslim culture. There are technically no rules stopping you from wearing whatever you like, but you might receive a few stares or remarks if you do.

Do I have to cover my hair?

No; we noticed that headscarves were more commonly worn by the elder generations and young women and children had their hair on show. I always kept a scarf in my bag just in case I needed one when entering religious buildings.

Do I have to wear ‘Aladdin’ pants and other loose, floaty clothing?

I only took one pair of loose trousers with me and didn’t wear them; it was just too cold in Winter! I ended up practically living in my skinny jeans and did not find I received much unwanted attention at all. Particularly in bigger cities like Fez, Marrakech and Casablanca, many young women wore jeans and t-shirts as opposed to more traditional clothing.

Where to stay in Morocco

Morocco has a huge variety of beautiful accommodation to suit any traveller and any budget, however if there is one thing you must do on your trip, it’s to stay in a Riad.

From the incredible Riad Yasmine to more budget options like —, you can use websites like and Hotels Combined to find the best places for your stay. Another option recommended to us was AirBnB, as there are some stunning homes to rent – sign up through this link and get £25 off your first trip!

Browse the options below for inspiration on where to stay.

Hope you found my Morocco Winter Packing List helpful – have you been to Morocco in winter? What did you pack?

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers -


9 responses to “Morocco Winter Packing List for Female Travellers: What to take”

  1. Yanqin Lin says:

    Hi , am headed to Morocco in Dec, and I was wondering how rainy it would be and whether a rain jacket would be needed (on top of an umbrella). I’m not planning to travel to the coast and am travelling mainly to the places you mentioned above.

    Thanks for any tips!

  2. Jill says:

    Brilliant advise – thank you so much. Everyone else, just as you mentioned, offered suggestions for the summer months. Really nice that you have posted this extremely helpful list as I’m travelling this month (November). Many thanks

  3. Wendy says:

    Did you wear your sandals/Tevas much in the winter? And in what cities? I’m just wondering if its even worth bringing them in February.

  4. Nicola says:

    May I ask why a head torch is necessary? For hikes, don’t tour agencies supply these if needed? Great article btw. I’ll be leaving for Morocco on Tuesday and this was perfect! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Many tour agencies do provide headtorches if you’re hiking in darkness but I always take my own just in case. I don’t like to rely on using the torch on my phone as it drains the battery!

  6. Vikki Ek says:

    OMG…thank you so much for the Winter packing list for Morocco in January/February. So helpful!!

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