Everything you need for your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

After spending 19 months on the other side of the world, living and working in Aotearoa on a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, I wanted to create a space for other travellers to share everything you need to know before you go.

Moving to another country can be daunting and you’ll feel a lot more at ease if you’re prepared. My main aim in writing this entire blog is to help others; I write the posts I wish I had read myself before embarking on my adventures.

I lived in Auckland and Wellington. I applied for jobs, had interviews, found work, rented a flat through an agency, found a flat-share and lived in a hostel. And I also travelled the entire country in my own campervan, I rented cars, I took the bus, I hiked and kayaked and saw some of the most beautiful sights ever.

On this page, you’ll find a collection of my posts about a Working Holiday in New Zealand. If you prefer, you can browse through these blog posts chronologically here. If you want to read all of my posts about New Zealand (which includes guides on specific sights and places etc.) click here. Enjoy!

If you only read one post before you go to New Zealand, make it this one:

The Essential Guide: Moving to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa

A “how to” post covering all the practical advice you need in order to actually do your Working Holiday: here’s how to find a job, somewhere to live, how to open a bank account, take out a phone plan, etc. An in-depth guide on what to expect and how to make the most of your time in New Zealand. Read the full post here.

Posts about living and working in New Zealand:

Working Holiday New Zealand Jobs

Here’s how to find well-paid short term jobs on a temporary visa – yes, you CAN enhance your career while on a working holiday! Read more here.

How to save money on a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand

Budgeting in one of the most expensive countries in the world is surprisingly easy when you know how! Here are my tips on how to save as much as possible while working and travelling in New Zealand. Read the full post here.

How to get an IRD number for your Working Holiday to New Zealand

An essential to ensure you’re taxed the right amount while working in NZ. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do. Read the full post here.

How to write a New Zealand style CV for your Working Holiday

To ensure you get the best opportunities available, make sure you recreate your CV the Kiwi way before sending it off to prospective employers. Here’s my full post.

A guide to moving to Wellington: How to find a job and somewhere to live

Practical advice on the two most important parts of settling in New Zealand – here I recount exactly what I did to bag myself a well-paid job and room in a gorgeous house in the capital. Read more here.

Why I loved living in Wellington

Here’s why Welly is in my opinion the best place to live in New Zealand. Read the full post here.

Posts about travelling in New Zealand:

One month in New Zealand: A complete itinerary

Maximising your time in New Zealand is a must; here’s how to see the best parts of New Zealand in a month. Read the full post here.

A complete guide to buying a campervan in New Zealand

A guide on what to look out for when you buy a campervan in NZ – there would be nothing worse than getting ripped off or buying a dud vehicle! Read more here.

How I travelled New Zealand on a budget of $40NZD a day

I travelled the whole country for four months on an average of $40 NZD a day. Here is exactly how I did it, from accommodation costs, to transport costs, to food and activities. Read more here.

Camping in New Zealand: Lessons Learnt

More than just how to cook on a camping stove… Read more here.

Hiking in New Zealand: Know before you go

There are short walks and overnight treks in NZ, but you should always be prepared before donning your boots and backpack. Read more here.

Why you shouldn’t skip New Zealand’s North Island

Sometimes overlooked, the North Island has so many hidden spots and such beautiful scenery. Read the full post here.

Top 10 hikes on New Zealand’s South Island

My favourite hikes delve into native bush, across mountain tops and along sandy beaches. Here are 10 to put on your list!

How to get your Second Year (23 month) Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand

When you decide you don’t want to leave New Zealand just yet. Brits and Canadians are able to extend their visas for a further 11 months – here’s what’s involved and how to do it.

How to speak Kiwi: A guide to New Zealand English

Kiwis are the friendliest people on Earth but I had no idea what they were saying when I arrived in NZ! Here are some of my favourite kiwi phrases and what they mean.

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Hiking in New Zealand while on your Working Holiday Visa is a must!