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Readers are typically in their mid-twenties to thirties and are advocates of slow-travel (as much as annual leave commitments allow). No longer backpackers, they opt for affordable accommodation and activities which have a ‘green’ focus. They expect honest opinions, sound advice, beautiful photos and quality, detailed articles.

Collaborations with EcoWave and Ella Alpine Resort in Sri Lanka

Spin the Windrose is an established blog dedicated to providing its readers with accurate, tried-and-tested travel and lifestyle advice and inspiration, with sustainability at its core.

Established in 2014, Spin the Windrose is a sustainable travel and lifestyle blog for those who wish to see the world, whilst leaving as little impact on the planet as possible. Topics covered include eco-tourism, sustainability tips, adventure activities and vegan guides as well as the more ‘traditional’ travel itineraries and product reviews.

Perhaps you run a eco-friendly hotel, own a recycled clothing brand, or represent a lesser-visited destination? Maybe you own a vegan restaurant or a cruelty-free beauty brand? Email me at to discuss how we can work together.

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If you are a brand or business with a focus on sustainability, eco-tourism, responsible travel or lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at

I strive to create long-term partnerships with companies whose interests reflect my own, and I am available for a range of collaborations or partnerships such as:


Partnering with Sanctuary Surf Glamping and Surf School in Bordeaux, France

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